Rules and Conditions

Please agree with these rules before playing on our server. We do not want any miscommunications happen between our players and our GMs.

1. Speed hacking would result in permanent suspension of the account.

2. If a person who finds a bug exploit in the game and uses it for his own good, his/her account would be permanently banned.

3. Verbal abuse (which includes all racist comments) would result in unable to use chat for a day. (only if someone complains about it)

4. Any suspicious server attacks would result in banning of the IP.

5. Please do not whisper GMs for items, or will be muted for 3 hours.

6. Please report any suspicious equipment that one has, we would verify if it`s an edited item or not.

7. If we find out a GM helped another player in terms of item distributions or teleportation or any other things that is unfair to other players, we will ban the GM and player who got help.

08 - It is forbidden to impersonate GM or any other person on our server or discord, any attempt at fraud will be answered with the highest punishment on our server.

09 - It is not allowed to refer to other servers in our chat, much less the disclosure of other servers. The punishment for these individuals is most of the time irreversible.

10 - Your account is your sole responsibility, we do not advise you to loan accounts and passwords to other players. Therefore, we will never provide support for accounts that have been stolen or items lost. Even though it is not our responsibility, let alone our duty, we provide tools that increase the security of your account.

11 - Exchanges (trades) of items made on the server are not our responsibility and much less reversible, never ask our support to verify or reverse exchange of items between players.

12 - You will never have privileges for being a donor, all players are understood equally before the administration of the server. Never feel that you have a greater right than other players, even if you are a donor.

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